Why Use Connect by Corvolo?

Online Ordering

Create and order your marketing collateral through Corvolo Connect. It has never been easier to compile creative work when you can do it anywhere in the world from any device with no specialist software needed. As Connect is cloud-based, it is simple and secure to use.

Brand Guardianship

Any large organisation will understand the challenges of maintaining the integrity of their brand with users and teams based in many different locations. Connect can help keep your brand consistent through templated design and their Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.

Effective Procurement

Connect integrates with existing eProcurement platforms, allowing an automated experience at the purchasing level. Connect provides transparency at every step of the buying process with stringent approval where required.

Connect Features

Full Internationalisation

Whatever location or language your team is based in, users can be assured that they can order in their language and currency.

Cloud Based

As Connect is cloud based, it is a secure and scalable solution that will give you the flexibility that you need to grow.

Save Money

You can reduce many operational costs by integrating your eProcurement system with Connect. You will find you make process efficiencies and profitability.


Access to reporting will help you to make strategic procurement decisions offering transparency at every stage.

API Integration

Our comprehensive API allows you to connect across different applications - reducing silos across your business.

Variable Data Printing

From simple variable products to a highly personalised campaign, VDP can give your campaigns a new lease of life.


The first line of defence in brand guardianship: using pre-approved images efficiently.

Customised Templates

Leave design up to the experts - but still give teams the opportunity to create within brand guidelines.

Join 1200+ brands in 125 countries

Connect is proven and established technology that has been used across a wide range of industries in the last 20 years. As a global provider, we have seen many of the challenges that organisations can face, that we are confident that we can bring creative and procurement together.