Coupa Marketplace now offers Corvolo Connect to its customers.

Corvolo Connect is now available from the Coupa Marketplace.  

Following a rigorous compliance evaluation process carried out by Coupa, Connect can now be simply integrated into any Coupa implementation. 

Connect is a powerful, easy-to-use solution that enables organizations already utilizing Coupa, to simplify the onboarding process of suppliers, manage all types of products and request quotes for services and out-of-scope items, all whilst remaining within the Coupa ecosystem. 

Already being used by many Coupa customers across multiple sectors, the Connect product is well-proven in streamlining the procurement of products and services, even those that require personalization, configuration or are just simply out of spec. 

Connect also provides the conduit between Coupa and the supplier, by receiving and processing the PO and presenting it to the supplier in the most efficient way for their business needs. This has been shown to overcome the challenge corporates face where their suppliers are not willing or able to provide products or services through Coupa. Especially for complex or configurable products. 

Corvolo is committed to providing a professional service with powerful complementary technology to all who want to make the most out of their investment in Coupa. All are supported by a professional team of developers and a support infrastructure to help make onboarding and implementation straightforward for both Customers and Suppliers alike. 

Connect is offered with a 28-day free trial and is available from the Coupa Marketplace. 

For further information contact:  

Jamie Booth



[email protected]